About US.

Where it all began:

Smart Fogging Solutions started with a thought and frustration, high medicals, a lot of time and money lost due to kids being in and out of hospital, viruses of all sorts, days off, sending them back to school just to repeat the cycle. And a very frustrated Mommy approached a VERY intelligent chemical mastermind and together they formulated the idea of Smart Fogging Solutions ULV Misting solution, what we today know as Fogging, with a very specialised service offered to their clients. The solutions for different environments endless.

With trial and error, it blossomed into a treatment that no one should go without. Bacteria, viruses and so many other microbial pathogens are being treated and killed on contact by breaking the wall (Biofilm) of said pathogens and breaking it apart, which means the treatment does not cost time or money because re-entry is a mere 20 minutes. The product that is being used is, eco friendly and SABS approved which makes it safe for us humans and especially our kiddies.


From the origins of Smart Fogging Solutions, it was always our aim, motto and goal to effectively treat and KILL all airborne pathogens, bacteria and viruses, with our specially formulated SABS approved product, that is released through our amazingly advanced ULV Foggers.


To Sanitize and disinfect especially those hard to reach places as the fine particles is released into the Air and kills airborne pathogens on contact and with a mere 20-minute re-entry time it is our



mission to never let you lose time or money.


The proof is in the micro swabs that is taken before and after a Fogging, which is tested at an SANAS accredited lab and results has proven that with Smart Fogging Solutions 99% efficiency that no area is too big or too small or that no industry is excluded.

With Franchises open across South Africa we dare you to request an obligation free quote from any of our friendly, OHS Compliant and Motivated Crew Members.